Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Expanding your financial knowledge can seem daunting and tedious. But the good news is that is doesn’t have to be. We offer tools and resources to help you learn about spending, saving, investing, borrowing, and loan repayment.

outline of a tablet computer showing a chart with an upward trend line, and a large dollar sign over the chart.


Outline of a graduation cap, tassel on the left, with three dollar signs floating over the cap

Obtaining Scholarships

Outline of a partially folded map with a winding route ending in a green dollar sign.

Student Loans

outline of two credit cards, one on top of the other

Credit Management

a representation of a pie chart, one segment offset to the top, one segment highlighted with hashes, and a third larger segment

Saving and Investing

Outline of a compass with a dollar sign at north

Preparing for Post-Grad Life

Computing Security Guidelines

Help protect yourself from identity theft and fraud by following these cybersecurity recommendations from UO Information Services.

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